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Donald K Ranvaud
Creative Director

Anglo-Italian with a French name and a marked tendency toward the Brazilian, Don taught from 1976-1988 at the Universities of Warwick (Comparative Literature) and East Anglia (Film Studies), where he became Chairman of the Department. He founded the independent film magazine Framework in 1975, which he edited until 1988 and freelanced for MFB, Sight and Sound, The Guardian, La Repubblica etc. During this period he directed documentary items for Channel Four magazine programs and RAI Uno, including portraits of Paul Schrader, Raul Ruiz, Cui Jian, Laurie Anderson and David Mamet as well as co-directed a feature, ‘Visioni Private’, set in the film festival to end all film festivals.

In March 1989 Don joined Renee Goddard to start the European SCRIPT Fund (part of the MEDIA Programme of the Commission of the European Community) where he stayed on for 18 months reading nearly 5,000 submissions and supporting 420 from all over Europe. He completed his Eurocracy period as Media Advisor to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers during the Italian presidency of Europe, during which the MEDIA PROGRAMME was fully integrated into EC policy.

Since then he embarked on production full time, with directors and in countries before they become fashionable: China: 1990-1993 (inc. Life on a String and Farewell my Concubine) 1994-current (Latin America inc. Central do Brasil, Vagon Fumador Lavoura Arcaica, Babilonia 2000, Madame Sata, and Cidade de Deus, which was nominated for four Oscars in 2004). He acted as Executive Producer on The Constant Gardener directed by Fernando Meirelles in Kenya and starring Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz and Danny Huston.

Alongside production he also managed Sales at Videofilmes, Bouquet Multimedia and Sogepaq as well as helping to set up Wild Bunch.

As Buena Onda’s Creative Director, Donald is active on many fronts. He is concerned with discovering and nurturing filmmakers and empowering them to find their true creative voices. At the same time he takes this one step further by helping to establish them, their projects and ventures securely on the world cinema stage allowing for sustainable development and growth. Finally, he is a tireless and ubiquitous ambassador for Latin American cinema, campaigning for and raising the profile of lesser known film industries throughout the region in scores of ventures and projects, from film festivals to film funds.

The joint ventures with Cinergia in Costa Rica for Central America and with the Puerto Rico Film Fund as well as the creation of the film school La Fabrica with Roberto Lanza in Cochabamba Bolivia are the most challenging and innovative recent ventures. Subsequently the teaming up with Teatro De Los Andes gave birth to Artes Andes Americas, an Institute of excellence for Film and Thetare funding and Research focussing on developing second features, script adaptations, editing and performance workshops in Yotala, Bolivia.

Since early 2005, his involvement as Head of International Relations with Rain Networks brought him firmly into what he believes is the central question for the future of a possible cinema. Beyond Rain he worked toward an independent, cost effective, digital distribution platform as the paradigm shift that is necesssary to recapture audiences for truly “independent cinema” all over the world at the moment of global box office meltdown.

The first worldwide digital day and date release of Massimo Mazzucco's New American Century was a first concrete step in his direction and will be followed by Cancer: The Forbidden Cures in the fall 2010 and the creation of Ichnos Network that launched in Venice september 10, 2010 screening films in the official selection of the MOSTRA to Digital Screens on a one screening only basis.

(as producer unless otherwise stated)


Esperando A Peter
2011 | Dir. Fernando Perez | Cuba
Para Vivir
2011 | documentary on Pablo Milanes | Dir. Fabian Pisani | Cuba
Viejos Negocios (Old Business)
2011 | shooting in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico| Dir. Fernando Mininho | Argentina / Puerto Rico
For Richard
2010/11 | documentary on US writer Richard Brautigan | Dir. Anthony Lucero and Paul Swensen| USA / UK / Japan
The Abortion
2011 | from the novel by Richard Brautigan | Dir. Anthony Lucero | USA
Sons of God
2012 | Dir. Beniamio Catena | Italy / Netherlands
Io Sono Vera
2012 | Dir. Beniamio Catena | co-produced with Giorgio Magliulo | Italy


The Land of the Astronauts
2010 | Dir. Carl Colpaert with Cineville | USA | Starring: David Arquette and Bijou Phillips

Dormir Al Sol (Asleep in the Sun)
2010 | Dir. Alejandro Chomski | Argentina

Pescadores (Fishermen)
2010 | Dir. Sebastian Cordero | Ecuador/Colombia

Capitães Da Areia (Captains of the Sands)
2010 | Dir. Cecilia Amado with Skylight Cinema| Brasil | score by Carlinhos Brown

Las Mariposas de Sadourni (Sadourni's Butterflies)
2010 | Dir. Dario Nardi | Argentina | shot in 35mm Black and White in Rosario, Argentina | Starring Antonella Costa, Ale Sergi, Christiano Medrano

Tahuamanu - Morir en Pando (To Die in Pando)
2010 | documentary on the Pando massacre | Dir. Cesar Brie | Bolivia

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures
2010 | an investigation into the determinants of the growing billion dollar industry | Dir. Massimo Mazzucco | USA

Oso Blanco
2009 | documentary on Puerto Rican state prison | Dir. Carlos Ruiz Ruizhristian Suau and Ramiro Millan | Puerto Rico

Tentayape: La Ultima Casa (The Last House)
2009 | documentary on Guarani Indian group receiving title to their land | Dir. Roberto Alem| Bolivia

Humillados y Ofendidos (Humiliated and Offended)
2008 | documentary on the events before and after the approval of the Constituente in Sucre | Dir. Cesar Brie | Bolivia

Nunca Mas!
2008 | third part of the documentary Unboliviable on the dangers of civil war in Bolivia | Dir. Roberto Alem| Bolivia

The New American Century
2007 | documentary on the irrestistible rise of Neocons and their malpractices in governance of the USA | Dir. Massimo Mazzucco| USA
as executive producer

Who Killed Robert Kennedy?
2007 | Massimo Mazzucco | USA
as executive producer

2007 | Dir. Julio Hernandez Cordón | Guatemala
- won 3 out of 5 prizes at Cine en Construccion, San Sebastian 2007

2007 | Dir. Israel Cardenas & Laura Amelia Guzmán | Starring: Evaristo Batista & Luis Antonio Batista
- Toronto 2008, Diesel Discovery Award
- Miami 2008, Grand Prize
- Venice 2008, premiere in competition (Orizzonti)

Nao Por Acaso (Not By Chance)
2007 | Dir. Philippe Barcinski | Brasil | Starring Rodrigo Santoro, Leonardo Medeiros

2007 | Dir. Carlos Ruiz Ruiz| Puerto Rico | Starring Luis Guzman
Benicio del Toro - executive producer

Evo Pueplo
2007 | Dir. Tonchy Antezana | Bolivia | partially fictionalised account of the life of Bolivian president Evo Morales

Who Killed the White Llama?

2006 | Dir. Rodrigo Bellott | Starring: Erika Andia, Miguel Valverde, Pablo Fernandez
as Producer

Coca Lives
2006 | Dir. Roberto Lanza | Starring: Evo Morales, Guillermo Fortun, Leonilda Zurita
as Producer

El Cobrador: In God We Trust
2006 | Dir. Paul Leduc | Starring: Peter Fonda, Lazaro Ramos, Milton Goncalves
as Executive Producer

The Constant Gardener
2005 | Dir. Fernando Meirelles | Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Danny Huston
as Executive Producer
- 4 Academy Award (Oscar) nominations , 10 BAFTA nominations, 1 European Film Award nomination, 2 Golden Globe nominations, 1 Golden Lion Nomination, Venice Film Festival 2005 (Fernando Meirelles)
- Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Rachel Weisz)
- BAFTA Award for Best Editing (Claire Simpson)
- Golden Globe Award for Best Actress (Rachel Weisz).
- Screen Actors Guild - SAG Award for Best Actress (Rachel Weisz)
- Online Film Critics Society Awards 2006 - Best Adapted Screenplay (Jeffrey Caine), and Best Supporting Actress (Rachel Weisz)

Cidade Baixa
2005 | Dir. Sergio Machado | Starring: Alice Braga, Wagner Moura, Lazaro Ramos
as Associate Producer
- Cannes Film Festival 2005 - Prix de la Jeunesse
- Rio International Film Festival 2005 - Best film and Best Actress (Alice Braga)
- Huelva International Ibero-American FIlm Festival 2005 - Best Film, Best Debut Feature, Best Original Script (Sergio Machado and Karim Ainouz), Best Actor (Wagner Moura)

Familia Rodante
2004 | Dir. Pablo Trapero | Starring: Graciana Chirone, Ruth Dobel, Liliana Capurro
as Producer
- Gijon International Film Festival 2004 - Best Director (Pablo Trapero) and Best Actress (Graciana Chirone)
- Guadalajara International Film Festival 2005 - Fipresci prize
- Seattle International Film Festival 2005 - Emerging Master Award (Pablo Trapero)
- Turks & Caicos FF 04 - Best supporting actress (Graciana Chirone)

Doble Juego
2004 | Dir. Alberto Durant | Starring: Fabrizio Aguilar, Carlos Alcantara, Gianfranco Brero
as Producer.
- Muestra Int'l de Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.) - People's Award

Madame Sata
2002 | Dir. Karim Ainouz | Starring: Lazaro Ramos, Marcelia Cartaxo, Flavio Bauraqui) as Producer.
- Chicago International Film Festival 2002 - Gold Hugo for Best film
- Huelva IberoAmerican Film Festival 2002 - Best Film and Best Actor (Lazaro Ramos)
- Havana Internaitonal Film Festival 2002 - Best Art Direction.

Cidade de Deus
2002 | Dir. Fernando Meirelles | Starring: Alexandre Rodrigues, Phellipe Haagensen, Douglas Silva
as Co-Producer.
- 4 Academy Award (Oscar) nominations, a Golden Globe nomination, a European FIlm Award nomination.
- Havana International Film Festival 2002 - Best Film
- AFI Fest 2002 - Audience Award
- Guadalajara International Film Festival 2003 - Audience Award
- BAFTA Awards 2003 - Award for Best Editing
- Cinemanila Film Festival 2003 - Grand Jury Prize

Xango de Baker Street
2001 | Dir. Miguel Faria Jr. | Starring: Joaquim de Almeida, Anthony O'Donnell, Maria de Medeiros
as Producer.
- ABC Cinematography Award 2002 - Best Art Direction (Marcos Flaksman) and Best Sound (Melhor Som)
- Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2002 - Best Art Direction, Best Sound and Best Sound Editing (Miriam Biderman)

Babilonia 2000
1999 | Dir. Eduardo Coutinho | Documentary
as Producer
- Recife Cinema Festival 2001 - Long Documentary Best Cinematography (Jacques Cheuiche) and Best Sound (Paulo Nunes)
- Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2002 - Best Documentary and Best Director (Eduardo Coutinho)
- Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics Award - Best Documentary

Vagon Fumador
2001/ Dir. Veroncia Chen | Starring: Cecilia Bengolea, Leonardo Brzezicki, Adrian Fondari
as Co-Producer
- Huelva Latin American Film Festival 2001 - Best New Director (Veronica Chen)

Lavoura Arcaica
2001 | Dir. Luis Fernando Carvalho | Starring: Selton Mello, Raul Cortez, Juliana Carneiro da Cunha
as Associate Producer
- Havana Film Festival 2001- Special Jury Prize, Best Actor (Selton Mello) and Best Cinematography (Walter Carvalho)
- Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema 2001 - Best Film, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor (Leonardo Medeiros) and Best Supporting Actress (Juliana da Cunha)
- Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2001 - Audience Award, Best Feature
- ABC Cinematography Award 2002 - Best Cinematography
- Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2002 - Best Actress, Best Cinematography
- Cartagena Film Festival 2002 - Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Special Jury Prize

2000 | Dir. Ruy Guerra | Starring: Jorge Perugorria, Bianca Byington, Suzana Ribiero
as Producer
- Cannes Film Festival 2000 - Nominated Palme d'Or
- Huelva Latin American Film Festival 2000 - Best Director (Ruy Guerra)
- Santa Fe Film Festival 2000 - Best Latino Film
- Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards 2001 - Best Director, Best Cinematography (Marcelo Durst)

Central do Brasil
1998 | Dir. Walter Salles | Starring: Fernanda Montenegro, Marilia Pera, Vinicius de Oliveira
as Executive Producer
- 2 Academy Award (Oscar) nominations - Best Actress (Fernanda Montenegro) and Best Foreign Language Film
- Golden Globes 1999 - Won Best Foreign Language Film, nominated Best Actress- Drama
- Berlin International Film Festival 1998 - Golden Bear Award (Walter Salles), Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
- National Board of Review 1998 - Best Actressf
- Cesar Awards 1999 - Best Foreign Language Film
- BAFTA Awards 1999 - Best Film not in the English Language

Tieta do Agreste
1996 | Dir. Carlos Diegues | Starring: Sonia Braga, Marilia Pera, Chico Anysio
as Producer
- Havana Film Festival 1996 - Best Supporting Actress (Marilia Pera)
- Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards 1997 - Best Supporting Actor (Chico Anysio), Best Supporting Actress

Farewell My Concubine
1993 | Dir. Kaige Chen | Starring: Leslie Cheung, Fengyi Zhang, Li Gong
as Associate Producer
- 2 Academy Award (Oscar) nominations, for Best Foreign Language Film, Best Cinematography (Changwei Gu)
- Cannes Film Festival 1993 - Palme d'Or, FIPRESCI Prize (Kaige Chen)
- Golden Globes 1994 - Best Foreign Language Film
- BAFTA Awards 1994 - Best Film not in the English Language
- National Board of Review 1993 - Best Foreign Language Film
- New York Film Critics Circle Awards 1993 - Best Foreign Language Film, Best Supporting Actress (Li Gong)

Alma Corsaria Alma Gemea
1993 | Dir. Carlos Reichenbach | Starring: Bertrand Duarte, Jandir Ferrari, Andrea Richa
as Producer
- Brazilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema 1993 - Best Film, Best Director (Carlos Reichenbach), Best Editing (Cristina Amaral), Best Screenplay (Carlos Reichenbach)
- Sao Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards 1995 - Best Film

Life on a String
1991 | Dir. Kaige Chen | Starring: Zhongyuan Liu, Lei Huang, Qing Xu
as Producer
- Cannes Film Festival 2001 - Palme d'Or nomination
- Istanbul International Film Festival 1992 - Golden Tulip Award

Speaking Parts
1989 | Dir. Atom Egoyan | Starring: Michael McManus, Arsinee Khanjian, Gabrielle Rose
as Associate Producer
- Vancouver International Film Festival 1989 - Best Canadian Screenplay (Atom Egoyan)
- Genie Awards 1990 - 6 nominations including Best Motion Picture and Best Achievement in Direction



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